522.43 ARK

Average Bid

311 ARK

Minimum Qualifying Bid


Total Bids

Latest Bids


The top 10 bidders will take home a copy of the wall art! The 1st place bidder will get a special print 😎


Bid Value

Transaction Details


First Place

3 years ago

777 ARK

~ $331.62


3 years ago

650 ARK

~ $277.42


3 years ago

635 ARK

~ $271.02


3 years ago

465 ARK

~ $198.46


3 years ago

420 ARK

~ $179.26


3 years ago

400 ARK

~ $170.72


3 years ago

310 ARK

~ $132.31

Average Bid Goals

Our stretch goals provide extra goodies to winners!
As the average bid increases, these extra goals can be hit, unlocking new prizes for all winning bidders. Check out the stretch goals below:

300 ARK Average Bid
Minimum Goal
400 ARK Average Bid
Spooky Ark Sticker Packs
500 ARK Average Bid
The Ark Awakens Exclusive Tote Bag Live Now
700 ARK Average Bid
The Ark Awakens Exclusive Phone Case / Cushion
701 ARK Average Bid
Thank you for participating!

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